New releases

Can Philosophy Love?

Edited by Cindy Zeiher & Todd McGowan

Release Date: November, 2017


Verso Books >

What is Sex?

Author Alenka Zupančič

Release Date: August, 2017 (MIT Press)

MIT Press >

The Incontinence of the Void: Economico-Philosphical Spanrels

Author Slavoj Žižek

Release Date: September, 2017 (MIT Press)

Amazon >

Lenin 2017: Remembering, Repeating, & Working Through

Author Slavoj Žižek

Release Date: September, 2017

Verso Books >

The Courage of Hopelessness: Chronicles of a Year of a Acting Dangerously

Author Slavoj Žižek

Release Date: June, 2017

Penguin Books >

General Intellects: Twenty Five Thinkers for the Twenty First Century

Edited by McKenzie Wark

Release Date: May, 2017

Contributors: Amy Wendling, Kojin Karatani, Paolo Virno, Yann Moulier Boutang, Maurizio Lazzarato, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Angela McRobbie, Paul Gilroy, Slavoj Žižek, Jodi Dean, Chantal Mouffe, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Azumo Hiroki, Paul B. Preciado, Wendy Chun, Timothy Morton, Quentin Meillassoux, Isabelle Stengers, and Donna Haraway.

Verso Books >

Postmodern Theory & Blade Runner

Edited by Matt Flisfeder

Release Date: April, 2017

Bloomsbury Publishing >​

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but were Afraid to Ask Zizek


Edited by Russell Sbriglia

Release Date: March, 2017

Contributors: Shawn Alfrey, Daniel Beaumont, Geoff Boucher, Andrew Hageman, Jamil Khader, Anna Kornbluh, Todd McGowan, Paul Megna, Russell Sbriglia, Louis-Paul Willis, Slavoj Žižek

 Duke University Press >

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