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As an intellectual, author, and artist, Brian R. Gilbert is an fervent supporter of open access publications, public knowledge projects, the creative commons, and the copyleft movement. Given this commitment, any material designated as Brian’s work with the copyleft symbol (identified below) can be freely redistributed, exchanged, and remixed. If the work is distributed without alteration we ask that you–the distributing party– acknowledge the original authorship of the artist and the Žižekian Institute. If changes are made, the freedom to adapt and transform is guaranteed as long as original authorship is acknowledged.


If you would like access to the original files used to create the images to use as a template for your own project(s) please contact Brian directly:


Note: Brian uses the Adobe creative suite for the majority of his projects; thus, any agreed upon files will be transferred in the Adobe platform.

This agreement does not extend to works created by artists other than Brian R. Gilbert. 
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